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Starting with REBLOZYL

If you’ve been prescribed REBLOZYL, you might want to understand what starting treatment may be like.

What should I know before starting REBLOZYL?

Treatment with REBLOZYL can work for people at different points in their myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) -related anemia treatment journeys, including from the start.

How will I receive REBLOZYL?

You will receive a REBLOZYL injection once every 3 weeks by your healthcare team at their office

  • REBLOZYL is an injection given under your skin, in your upper arm, thigh, or stomach.
  • Needles used for injections that go under your skin are smaller than those used for injections that go into your muscle, such as those used for most vaccines
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Before each REBLOZYL injection, your healthcare team will:

Do a blood test to check your hemoglobin (Hgb) levels

Hgb levels can be connected to your anemia symptoms. Testing Hgb levels can help your healthcare team understand the severity of your anemia and whether your current REBLOZYL dose is working or if an adjustment is needed. If your Hgb level jumps too high, your dose may be paused for a period of time.

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Ask if you have had any RBC transfusions since your last REBLOZYL injection

How often you need RBC transfusions and any changes in their frequency is important to share with your healthcare team. This will help them understand how well your current REBLOZYL dose is working or if you might need an adjustment.

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Knowing about your Hgb levels and RBC transfusions helps your healthcare team see the full picture and understand how you are responding to REBLOZYL and how your dose may be adjusted.

How can I get the most out of REBLOZYL?

Working closely with your healthcare team by tracking and sharing important information will help you get the most out of treatment with REBLOZYL. It will also help your team better understand how your REBLOZYL dose is working for you.

Try to start tracking:

  • The severity of your symptoms and side effects
  • Your blood test results including hemoglobin (Hgb) levels
    • Your healthcare team will set Hgb goals and test your levels at every appointment
  • How often you’ve needed RBC transfusions
  • The number of RBC units in each transfusion
  • Your REBLOZYL dose and any changes to it over time
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It may feel like there is a lot of information to track. Using a tracker or journal can help to keep everything in one place.

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How can I prepare for my appointments?

Your appointments are your time. Make sure you take the time to talk with your healthcare team about how you’re feeling. It can be hard to remember any new or changing symptoms since your last visit. Don’t be shy about asking a loved one to help you prepare information for your upcoming discussions with your healthcare team.

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For more tips on how to talk with your healthcare team
during your next appointment:

I’m thinking about REBLOZYL as my FIRST-LINE treatment

In a clinical study that compared REBLOZYL and epoetin alfa, an erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA), the main goal was to:

REBLOZYL worked better for more people than epoetin alfa did. You and your healthcare team may be able to get improved results by starting your treatment journey with REBLOZYL. Ask your healthcare team if REBLOZYL is the right FIRST step.

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I’m thinking about REBLOZYL as my SECOND-LINE treatment

REBLOZYL can help treat anemia in people who’ve tried erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs). REBLOZYL may help reduce the number of red blood cell (RBC) transfusions you may need over time. Ask your healthcare team if a switch to REBLOZYL would help.

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Whether you’re starting with REBLOZYL or switching to REBLOZYL, Your REBLOZYL ConnectionTM was created to give you timely information and resources along your treatment journey, including more details on dosing and dose adjustments.