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When it comes to MDS-related anemia


“I will not be defined by MDS-related anemia. I am not good with good enough. I told my doctor about my goals and he said REBLOZYL® could be the right place to start.”

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REBLOZYL is a first-line treatment for managing MDS-related anemia

When taken as the first medicine, REBLOZYL increased hemoglobin (Hgb) levels, while also eliminating the need for red blood cell transfusions for at least 12 weeks.

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REBLOZYL as a second-line treatment for managing MDS-related anemia

If your healthcare team didn’t start you with REBLOZYL, it may be time to draw the line and begin a discussion with your doctor.

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For people living with beta (β) thalassemia (BT)

REBLOZYL is also for adults looking for a different path in managing their BT.

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Stay connected to the support you need

Your REBLOZYL ConnectionTM is an educational program designed to help you understand your treatment with REBLOZYL, and provide resources that allow you to take a more active role with your care.