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Moving forward and staying with REBLOZYL

REBLOZYL dosing can be modified to help you achieve your treatment goals over time.

Can dose adjustments help with long term goals?

Changes to your REBLOZYL dose can be expected over time to help meet your individual needs. It might help to think of dosing like driving a car. As the road changes, you may need to apply more or less pressure on the gas pedal to maintain speed, or on the brake pedal to slow or stop. With REBLOZYL, your healthcare team has that same flexibility to meet your treatment needs.

When your healthcare team is deciding whether you
need a dose adjustment, they’ll consider your:

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If you still need red blood cell (RBC) transfusions, your healthcare team may increase your REBLOZYL dose to see if a higher dose works better for you.

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Hemoglobin (Hgb) levels:

Before every REBLOZYL dose, your Hgb levels will be checked to make sure they aren’t rising too quickly. If they are, your healthcare team may pause or decrease your dose.

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Side effects:

If you’re experiencing any new side effects or any that may have gotten worse, your healthcare team may pause or decrease your dose.

You can always talk to your healthcare team about whether a dose change might work for you.

In both first-line and second-line studies of REBLOZYL, many people experienced at least one dose adjustment. An increase in your dose of REBLOZYL might not mean REBLOZYL isn’t working for you. You might just need a higher dose to get the response you and your healthcare team are looking for.

In the first-line study, some people treated with REBLOZYL experienced a pause or longer periods in between doses.

How will I know if I need to pause or stop receiving REBLOZYL?

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Your dose may be adjusted, paused, or discontinued based on how you are responding to REBLOZYL treatment, including side effects.

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Your healthcare team will continue to monitor your Hgb levels to see what next steps make the most sense. Based on ongoing blood test results and checking your Hgb levels, your healthcare team may decide to restart REBLOZYL treatment at some point in the future.

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If there is no increase in Hgb levels or a reduction in RBC transfusions after at least 3 doses on the maximum dosage of 1.75 mg/kg, your healthcare team will stop REBLOZYL treatment.

In multiple studies, a majority of people taking REBLOZYL had at least one dose increase.

Some people may also require a dose interruption due to an adverse reaction.

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How long will I take REBLOZYL?

Length of treatment with REBLOZYL may vary from person to person because everyone responds differently. Your healthcare team can adjust your dose to see how your body responds. You can stay on treatment with REBLOZYL for as long as it’s helping you and side effects stay manageable.

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What if I miss a dose?

Sometimes things come up and you are unable to make a scheduled doctor’s appointment. If your scheduled REBLOZYL dose is delayed or missed, call your healthcare team as soon as possible to reschedule your next appointment. Your doctor will give you your dose of REBLOZYL as soon as possible. Your treatment with REBLOZYL will continue as prescribed, with at least 3 weeks between doses.

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