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What is REBLOZYL (REB-low-zil )?

REBLOZYL is a prescription medicine used to treat anemia (low red blood cells) in adults with beta thalassemia who need regular red blood cell (RBC) transfusions.

REBLOZYL is not for use as a substitute for RBC transfusions in people who need immediate treatment for anemia.

It is not known if REBLOZYL is safe or effective in children.

REBLOZYL is the first and only erythroid maturation agent

REBLOZYL is called an erythroid maturation agent because it helps erythroid cells develop and become mature, working red blood cells. This may result in a greater number of healthy red blood cells and improve anemia.

How does REBLOZYL work?

REBLOZYL works by developing more mature, working red blood cells

REBLOZYL allows more immature cells to mature and work properly. The amount of hemoglobin increased and the quality of red blood cells improved as patients received treatment with REBLOZYL. This means that there are more mature red blood cells in the bloodstream.

Graphic depicting how Reblozyl works Graphic depicting how Reblozyl works
REBLOZYL results